Return and Refund policy

Return and Refund policy

Returns are authorized only on purchases. Returns on rentals are subject to the early termination provisions of the rental service agreement.

Returns and refunds will be authorized on products where the sale was not designated as a final at the time of purchase.

Requests for authorizations for returns and refunds must be made within a period of 30 days from the purchase date.

There will be no refunds after 30 days under any circumstances.

After 30 days, returns will only be authorized for warranty purposes and during the warranty period.

Restocking charges will be applied on returns where parts and accessories are missing from the packaging, where the packing itself is missing or damages to a point it is unusable.

Return authorization

It is necessary to obtain an authorization prior to returning any product.

A return number is issued to authorize returns and must be affixed on the shipping packaging containing the return.

Product packaging may not be utilized as shipping packaging to return a product.

Returns will not be accepted without a return number. Return numbers are valid for a period of 30 days. You are required to return any product within the period of validity of the return authorization number.

Returned products will be inspected to assess their working orders and damages caused to the product to establish return eligibility of the product.

Where a return eligibility element is absent, such as a missing part or other, the consumer will be notified and provided reasonable delay to correct the situation of ineligibility.

You are required to ensure that the product to be returned complies with our return policy to avoid additional delays or that a return is rejected.

When a product is returned without a return authorization, the parcel will be refused.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the consumer.

Equipment being returned is to be sent postage paid to:

StreamTap Inc.

222 – 5473 Royalmount Ave


Inspection criteria

Products must be in their original packaging and include any usage manuals.

The serial number of the product to be returned must be the same serial number of the product that was purchased or rented and inscribed on the packaging and invoice.

The product must be intact and perform within the norms specified by the manufacturer while the product is in a new state.

Security labels on products must be intact and free from any signs of tampering.

Returned products that do not comply with the inspection criteria will be subject to fees for repackaging and reparations.


There will be no refunds of fees by the Customer which are used to set up a Customer account of for service activation after the service has been ordered even if the activation has not been completed at the time of the cancelation request by the Customer.

Where a service is ordered, a prorated portion of the monthly service fee is required that is equivalent to the daily rate for the service over the current calendar month for the number of days remaining in the month from the date of the order. There will be no refund of service fees that are paid by the Customer even if the service has not yet been activated.

There will be no refunds of fees charged for shipping, handling, and order processing fees and such, even if the order has not yet been shipped.

Refunds on purchases that were paid with a credit or debit card will be made on the same credit or debit card that was used at the time the purchase was made.

Refunds on purchases that were paid with a gift card will be made on the same gift card or a new gift card will be issued.

The amounts to be refunded will be that paid at the time of purchase, less fees for repackaging and repairs.

The amounts to be refunded will be determined with the consideration of discounts, coupons or special offers that were applied at the time of purchase.

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